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Backup - True Image 2021

A real cyber protection!

More than just backup. More than just an antivirus.

Simple, intuitive backup and antivirus solution

Protects all your data – files, photos, apps, systems and the devices they’re stored on – through an intuitive interface that’s accessible from anywhere

Efficient all-in-one protection

Combines reliable backup capabilities with advanced anti-malware technology in a single, full-featured cyber protection solution – eliminating the cost and complexity of managing multiple tools

Next generation cyber security

Protects against all threats that could disrupt your digital life – from hard drive failures to lost/stolen devices to advanced cyber-attacks (even those previously unknown)

Online Backup

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Convenient web interface, maximum security for your data with 100% server location Switzerland. Our backup software is suitable for private individuals as well as for companies with business-critical data.

Automatic backup.
No matter which end device: our backup software backs it up fully automatically to the encrypted cloud according to your specifications.

Data recovery with 1 click. Within seconds you can restore data to the original location via the web interface.

The novinet online backup for your workstation secures:

  • Photos, videos, documents and folders
  • Complete system
  • NAS devices and USB hard drives
  • Databases, applications, websites
Back up Microsoft Office 365 data with a user-friendly and secure cloud-to-cloud backup that also puts you in control of your Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online data.
The novinet online backup for server systems backs up:
  • Windows or Linux server systems
  • Complete system or individual structures/directories
  • Bare-metal recovery protection against Ramsomware
The novinet online backup for server systems backs up:
  • Windows or Linux server systems
  • Complete system or individual structures/directories
  • Bare-metal recovery protection against Ramsomware

Supported systems

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Store data securely in the cloud

Novinet Online Backup is an easy-to-use cloud backup. Use a secure, reliable and scalable backup for any data and systems - anytime, anywhere. All data is fully stored in our ISO-certified Swiss data center and encrypted before transfer. Maximum protection and universal data backup.

Maximum safety

The data is encrypted before transmission. The data centers meet the highest security standards.

Efficient backup

Low storage footprint through deduplication, incremental backups, and various levels of compression.

Automatic backups

Automatic backups of the servers ensure optimal security.


The data centers have maximum protection against water damage, fire, earthquakes and burglary.

User-friendly and easy to manage

Learn how Acronis True Image combines reliable backup capabilities with advanced anti-malware technologies to create powerful integrations

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More than just backup. More than just an antivirus.

In case you have any difficulties, you can find comprehensive product information and solutions in our Knowledge Base. You can also take a look at our video tutorials and other documentation. In addition, you can also ask questions in our discussion forums.

A computer backup is a second copy of your data that you store separately from the original data. This backup includes all your photos, videos, documents, emails, contacts and the applications and operating system your computer runs on. If your original data is on a notebook or mobile device, you should store the backup in a different, secure location. This way, you can use your data copy to restore your files or system if needed, for example, if something happens to the original data. To ensure that your data is copied carefully enough so that you can actually use it to restore your computer, be sure to use a professional backup software. A backup solution such as Acronis True Image can automatically capture data changes (even of hidden files that are easily overlooked during manual copying) and enables simple and efficient recovery processes.

With Acronis True Image, creating a full image backup to an external hard drive is as easy as two mouse clicks. Connect the drive, launch Acronis True Image, and then click Add backup. The entire computer is pre-selected as the default backup source. All you have to do is select the external hard drive as the backup destination and click Backup now.

As explained earlier, computer backups should be stored in the most secure storage possible. Acronis recommends implementing the proven 3-2-1 backup rule, which involves storing one copy of your backup files locally (e.g. on an external hard drive, on a NAS device or in a network folder) and another copy in an external storage location (“offsite”). With your offsite copy, you can still perform a recovery even if your original data and its local backup files are destroyed by a disaster (e.g. a fire or water damage).

The term “cloud” describes a remote network of computers and servers that you can access via the internet. Since all you have to do is log in via the internet, the cloud is a convenient way to store your files offsite – and thus safe from local disasters. Acronis True Image’s Advanced and Premium subscriptions include storage in the cloud as well as cloud-based features and remote access to your data from anywhere.

With Acronis True Image, you can also have your local backups automatically replicated to the Acronis Cloud, so you always have a secure offsite copy of your data available. And for this, you don’t even need another separate backup plan. Once you have selected the appropriate option and the first backup has been successfully created, your backup and the corresponding replication will be performed simultaneously (i.e. in parallel) from then on.

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